Heuer's business units at a glance

From storage to transport - nothing is impossible at Heuer

Experience that pays off

Since the very beginning of our existence we have specialized in the logistic handling of fresh fruits and other food products. We own the necessary flexibility, expertise and meet all the requirements of a modern food logistics company.

Project shipments with quality

Ob breit und schwer oder leicht und Standardmaß, containerisiert oder Break Bulk, Großauftrag oder Kleinmenge – Im Prinzip gibt es wenig das wir nicht darstellen können. Unsere erfahrenen Mitarbeiter kümmern sich dabei um eine fachgerechte Abwicklung.

Car handling

Germany the "car driving nation". Bremerhaven is known as the largest European port in car handling. The trade with vehicles is booming, we offer our customers transshipment and handling of mainly containerized import and export vehicles.

Plywood? Our warehouse is big enough

Plywood, lumber, cellulose and paper or even whole logs. Together with our global partners we offer optimized storage and handling logistics for these products.

General cargo

Handling and transhipment of various non-food goods are combined in our "General Cargo" business unit. This includes, for example, Europe-wide distribution logistics for promotions or DIY store chains.

Quality is assured

Our internal quality control ensures that your customer can expect only the best in quality. 

Falls sie mehr zu unseren Dienstleistungen bezüglich der Qualitätskontrolle erfahren wollen, besuchen sie die folgende Website: https://ssg-quality.com/

Facts from Heuer LOGISTICS

Information about our locations:

  • Located directly in the free port / 3 km distance to ContainerTerminal NTB/EUROGATE/MSCGate.
  • Trimodales Terminal: Wasser-/Gleis-/Straßenanbindung
  • Berths on the river approx. 500m / in the inside harbor (behind the lock) approx. 700m. Draft up to approx. 10m

Total area: 115,000 m²

Of which hall area: 45,000 m²
Thereof climate area: 12.000 m²

Klimafläche: 15 Klimaräume von 100m² – 980 m² / Temperaturbereich von 0 Grad – 15 Grad teilweise mit Einfahrregalen

Total capacity of 8,000 pallet spaces

96 reefer stations for containers

Information about our equipment:
  • 8 trucks
  • 2 terminal tractors
  • 2 Reachstacker, ca. 80 Stapler vom 1,6 to Elektrostapler – bis 16 to Dieselstapler
  • 10 container chassis
  • 1 low loader
  • 1 tautliner

Directly connected with the highway A281

Hall Area: 10.000 m²

Open Space: 5.000 m²


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